Thursday, June 28, 2012

a question

If there were answers in the stars
And purging gods were not a farce,
Could it explain this constant strain?
Or why we're all just so afraid?
Or be a burden in the strain...
Well I, for one, would like to know,
Why there's a stigma with the blow.
Why all the best of it die young,
Or why we hurt the one's we love...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

a universe

I’ve been finding it very hard to judge anything anymore. Even people. Even people that seemingly do things I find wrong, I can only remember that it is my definition of wrong they are dejecting. I can only remember that people are hard wired to do what they do, like what they like, be who they are and they cannot change it. They can learn and grow, but the ground work is all still built the way it is. Your left brain hemisphere literally tells you your likes and dislikes and judges everything and categorizes it and determines whether you like it or not. I try to live in a balance between both hemispheres. In my right mind, things are equal and peaceful and balanced and the universe is one and my ego center is nonexistent. So, I may judge and categorize something I witness at first, but I actively chose to not let it affect my reactions or how I perceive that person or thing. I actively chose to remember that everything is the way it is, and my personal opinions make little or no difference, that it’s the brain of the person that makes them who they are, and if their brain doesn’t coincide peacefully with mine, no big deal, I just move on.

The earth is a tiny, tiny miniscule dot in these multiple galaxies, and multiple universes that we know of. The planets in our solar system aren’t even that old. If we can map the age of them with the technology we currently have, I can only assume that there are things our there we can’t even fathom the age of. That we don’t have a number for yet. We are fucking insects, bacteria crawling around on the face of a giant rock. Our tedious issues mean nothing in the grand scheme of things... And sometimes it is difficult to wonder what DOES matter.

Everything needs balance and everything is a cycle.

People always want fact to prove a theory could be real. We are living in an era where anything is possible, and we are starting to realize it. I don’t mean that things are possible because of technological and developmental advancements, I mean we are discovering anything is possible because of those things, but they aren’t the reasons. The truth is, anything was always possible and we just didn’t know it.

If you look at certain facts, like the 82 year old Yogi who claims he hasn’t eaten in 70 years, or the Turritopsis nutricula species of jellyfish that is theoretically immortal through cell transdifferentiation, then things that we know to be fact seem interchangeable... But aren’t they always? Things are only fact because they are the only things we can prove at the time, but why do we need proof? Why does proof determine all tangibility? Can’t we just KNOW anything is possible and be satisfied? Some people are realists and claim that the people that can believe in anything (that we can fly, that we can live forever, that there is life after death, etc etc) are fantastical, that they live with their head in the clouds, are illogical, immature... But if we look at the FACTS...

We are all atoms and molecules that are constantly moving and interacting with their environments. So is EVERYTHING else in this world.

We are all interacting together all of the time. Can’t things shift and alter and create new realities? Isn’t that how new things evolve? And isn’t it possible that as we discover more and more the endless possibilities of our brains and bodies and world around us, we can become gods in our own right? That we can advance to the point of what we believe to be the highest point of advancement (self enlightenment, nirvana, God, supreme beings, aliens). And if everything is a cycle, and anything is possible, who’s to say that other beings aren’t just super advanced versions of ourselves that have left our planet in and the cosmic dust left behind trace amounts of themselves in microscopic organisms that re-evolved and started life on earth all over again... And if immortality IS possible (as seen in the jellyfish), and time is irrelevent and man-made and can be altered in space, who’s to say that its not some parallel universe where we ARE the aliens, and we re-live our lives over and over and we watch ourselves do it. Seems far fetched. Just as our world as a norm would have seemed to anyone hundreds of years ago. 

If we keep being re-born and time goes backwards and forwards again and again, like a movie you rewind, but a movie that’s live and changes slightly or greatly every time, would there be evidence left behind? Would we be able to see and discover our past selves? Is that what happens when we explore history?

Far fetched isn’t anything. Impossible isn’t anything, there are just some things our brains are not developed enough to understand yet, and as our technology grows to allow the growth of our brains, imagine how our world will be then!