Saturday, September 17, 2011

an art

How could I resist? This illustrious existance.
The epitome of temptation.
A tangible of lust where you can't get enough.
I want to be good, but how can I resist
When my whispered sweet nothings beg tears from your lips?
And you're on your knees... How can I resist?
When my every move is your unfulfilled wish.
It doth bode well to say to the ego a sliver will dwell.
To utter a faint flick of wits and a charm reminiscent of innocentness.
Oh how could I resist you not resisting me,
When all it takes is a tainting of hopeful decree.

a blush, breath, heartbeat, sweat, shock, tingle, wave

A flush of colour, a tint of crimson beneath white flesh.
Vast and pure, as untouched as newly fallen snow, deprived of appreciative hands.
The redness of the skin burning through the inside out, hot to the touch.
A touch, and a quiver. A gasp of caught breath as the body reacts.
The heart beats too fast.
The pounding reverberates behind ears, in the core of the mind, sending signals and vibrations.
Tingles combine as the nerves stimulate and the senses awaken.
Tingles combine into a shock, a wave that ripples through and arches, curves along with the shape.
The subtle scent of fresh sweat and sweet perfume, airborne to consume in a desperate inhalation.
A droplet release, the sweat beads into tiny pearls at the surface. Reflective.
Suggestive of an overture of satisfaction and stimulation.
One with the other, one causing the other, one resulting from the other.
Pleasure in it’s purest form.