Sunday, April 3, 2011

a religion

I find that humans have a fear of the unknown.
They want answers that they can't get. We are hard wired, it seems, to be scared shitless of the idea that we are alone, we have no purpose, and that we are just advanced bacteria. The idea that there is no real point to us being here, nothing matters because we are mortal, doesn't seem right to us. It doesn't seem fair or necessary to drag out these long lives, have goals and be successful, just to die off and have the world end eventually. So, because we cant handle these truths, humanity makes up reasons for why it could possibly be.

"We are a test, we are in limbo between worlds, between real fates. There is a higher power taking care of us." It's similar to the government. Somehow this giant that stands behind us makes us feel safer. I can walk down the street and feel somewhat okay because we have laws and for the most part, people abide by them. There are rules and structure and routine, and people need routine to thrive. To feel secure. To go about their days, and keep busy, so they don't spend too much time thinking.

Thinking ourselves to insanity is our flaw. Thinking too much will lead us to realize we are an insignificant speck on the earth. A bacteria. And we can be wiped out.

People cling to religion, to belief, to blind faith as a defense mechanism to hide themselves from the truth. From that realization they are afraid to make. From that daunting idea that cowers inside all of us, buried beneath years and years of regression. We ARE alone. We ARE going to die. There is no purpose, there is no use. So, what do we do with ourselves while we are here?

I believe there is a balance. You can know the truth and you can find a higher power within yourself. You can overcome the fear, and peer into the unknown ready for what awaits you. You can live life somewhat ignorant. Not plaguing ourselves with the constant torturous whirling of the mind, the thinking. But also not letting what little time we have here go to waste. We are all born with a brain that has the same basic functions: Survive, and reproduce. Knowing the truth goes against our natural law, so we fear it.

However, no one can be certain what the future holds. We know in this time and at this moment, what the probabilities for the future are. We know what is supposed to happen, but we can never be sure of anything except for this time, and this moment. So, we might as well enjoy it... Because no matter what the future holds, it is out of our control. It is inevitable. We are alone.