Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the great dying

I hear you now as you step,
You believe you are safe,
Because your numbers are large
And you're governed by hate.

You whisper false knowledge
In a fire you pray,
Believing faith is a justice,
All that will remain.

The great dying before you,
Monument to your taste,
But I'd come for you all
Just to count the remains.

You think you know power,
You think you know pain,
But you'll know better when I come
And sever your reign.

I travel on air,
I travel in sleep,
I will find you and haunt you until you are weak.

My soul it will guide me,
Beasts inside, they impart,
You won't even see me
When I rip you apart.

And the blood you have spilled,
Will cover your house,
I will curse you and damn you and exile you out.

I will tear down your walls,
I'll take all that you have,
All you've done will mean nothing,
All your sins will be matched.

Think there's strength in yourself,
You'll quickly know truth,
That if I were to cross you
You'd burn through and through.

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