Thursday, August 30, 2012


Humanity isn't flawed.
No, not our minds, but our standards and expectations.
Why do we dream up a way of life we cannot achieve with expectations we cannot exceed? Is it some cruel joke? Some challenge of the brain to create..

Why do we thrive in the mundane and blame our mothers for everything? For slapping our bare bottoms until we had a voice, unawares that life is a series of unplanned and unprepared choice.
We are faced with situations we must deal with before we get all the facts. We are forced to discover  if we made the right decision after the damage has been done. And what good is this... To force us to be more observant when the distractions get worse? The noises louder and the lights brighter.

And more frequent the mind to spin out from the whirlwind of focus it delves on it all. Our eyes blur over and our hearing goes bad. We forget how to speak because we don't need to anymore.
And we are afraid to touch and to feel with our hands and our hearts.
And we slowly numb ourselves one sense at a time to the world we created for ourselves.

This is no symphony. No grandeur. No orchestrated achievement. This is death mask we wear in the form of planet earth. We are but insects set to warm and infect as a virus with one purpose and one goal. We aren't meant to dream. We aren't made to thrive. We must start anew to be alive.

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