Monday, April 30, 2012

an abstract

Our knowledge and understanding of our universe is so vast and complex that sometimes it is hard to believe that we are just highly advanced organisms that are a by-product of trillions of molecules coordinating together to maintain a functioning and productive machine. Sometimes the thinking of it, the use of our higher cognition to think on abstract or symbolic concepts, can be maddening. If all organisms are hard-wired and tuned with survival mechanisms, why has the human brain developed to such extremes? When did the use of abstract thinking become interlocked with our ability to survive? I know from personal experience that in extreme cases, this abstract thinking has caused such frustration that I felt utterly lost in my world. That I felt nothing had a point or cause, and that life as we know it served no purpose or meaning. These kinds of thoughts are dangerous and depressing, and it is interesting that our brains are capable of such self-destructing emotions and ideas.

So, how can the balance take place? For me, I always remember that it’s important to know the how’s and why’s, but it’s more important to know that regardless of what we know, things just are. We can collect all the knowledge about something that is humanly possible, but it won’t change how the world is or functions, we’ll just understand it better.  (I say humanly possible because I don’t believe we are capable of completely understanding every single thing about an object, no matter how simple. Even if we believe and have scientifically proved we know everything about it, we only think we do because we can’t even conceive anything left to know). Now, arguably I could also say that when we understand something more we view it differently, thus altering the world as we know it in a subtle way, and the more we know the more things would be altered and technically our world would change.

It’s important to find the balance so that you don’t drive yourself crazy. I’ve seen the effects of over-thinking these things. I’ve also seen the effects of those that don’t think about it at all and hide in our society’s definition of a normal lifestyle, drifting through life day-to-day and caring only about their basic needs. Happiness, productiveness, prosperity.

Where is the balance between the two extremes; crazy and ignorant? How can we live life with the knowledge that life is meaningless? To write about “abstract” I have to talk abstract.

To me, I know that regardless of what I think I know of the world or how it functions, it is still my reality and I have to deal with it. I also know that the more positive of an outlook I have on things, the better my world tends to be.

Our brain is capable of asking why, but sometimes there are no more answers why and we get to the end of the line and our brain is still asking. I don’t believe it is possible to have all the answers, and what is really interesting is our mind’s being built to want them all. That just seems like a recipe for a maddening disaster to me.

So... Do we have a powerful creator that built us to derive our own impending doom? Are we supposed to get rid of ourselves to make things easier? If we look at the world as it is now, we are constantly slowly poisoning ourselves mentally and physically, and creating death and destruction. We are destroying everything we need to keep ourselves alive. We consume ourselves to death.... Yet we are supposed to be hard-wired for survival. It doesn’t add up.

Why does further advancement in ourselves equal further destruction to ourselves?

Even if there was a higher power that built us and is conducting some sort of freaky experiment, even if our whole lives are just a dream... No matter what we believe in, we still believe there needs to be a cause and an origin and a reason... But what if the believing in that is only an effect of how our brains are built? What if nothing actually does need a start or an end, and we only think it does? I mean our realities tell us that’s how thing’s work, but we also have no answers as to why it has to be that way.

No one’s ever considered something not having a start or an end... Because it HAS to, right? There are beginnings and ends, life and death. It is impossible for us to picture nothingness. I can picture “blank” as just blackness. But that’s still something. It’s still a big slab of black. It has a colour and a term. Beginnings and ends are all we know... But what if that isn’t it? What if what we know is wrong? Our brains, as advanced as they are, are still not advanced enough to provide us with the answers we crave.

Maybe there is a reason for that? Or maybe there is no reason for anything? Either way, what is our solution... If we want the answers and we can't have them... What is our next move?

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