Saturday, August 13, 2011

a flaw

Today, I was watching the first couple episodes of the Planet of the Apes TV series.
The one character was talking about how he couldn’t give up trying to get home, because that was hope, that was it. That was home! What else would you do but try to get home? And that makes perfect sense, because that’s all you know. But then, Brandon mentioned “Or he’ll get sent back into another time.” And I thought about that.
I thought that was a possibility, but once he reached that destination, he would just try to get home from there again. He would try over and over until the law of averages says it’s time for home, or until he’s dead.

Then I thought, if he did succeed and make it home, he’d be deemed a hero. He’d be praised for not giving up, and for following through with his goal with determination... But if he died, he’d be seen as an ingrate that went too far and didn’t respect the laws of the universe and tried to play God.

You can’t always win with everyone, because not everyone has the same perspectives on things...

I thought about humanity, again. I always come to the same conclusion...

To be deemed a failure, you must give up early, but it is overly ambitious to give up too late.
To be young and care-free means needing someone mature and settled, for when you become mature and settled, you are going to want someone young and care-free.
Knowing what you want will make you high maintenance, but don’t fall into the trap of indecisiveness by not knowing what you want at all.
If you close yourself off, you may become mellow and laid-back, but don’t become a zombie. And fear the psycho label for expressing emotion.

You must care too much about the careless, and not enough about what’s important to you.
Tell of all your flaws, so that I may forget mine.
Be that perfect gray area, where there is none.
And be everybody’s definition for everything, because you cannot be yourself when you are human.

To be flawed, to be false. To hate hypocrisy is hypocritical, because it is the human condition.

It is a very strange partition I am at in my existence. Because I know these things, I can’t believe in judgement or definitions. I can’t believe in deeming one person wrong or right. I have to accept and love everyone. But.... Because I know these things, I can’t believe in humanity, and I can’t believe we aren’t flawed.

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