Sunday, July 17, 2011

a chemical reaction

The idea of human connection has always intrigued me. Seemingly, we form physical connections with people and that involves emotional connections. We can also form emotional connections without any physical connection at all. Feelings and emotions are caused by chemical reactions in the brain. Love, passion, and happiness are experienced by a release of Endorphins and Oxytocin. Anger from the hormone Testosterone, depression from a chemical imbalance - A lessening of Dopamine, Serotonin. Our mental state affects our physical state, and vice versa. Our brain is the power house, the command center. It controls everything.

Of course, some will debate that emotions are unable to be explained by brain reactions. This is referring to the idea that there can be this blending of emotion. The grand scale of the human emotional spectrum isn’t a bullet-point list. You have love, anger, happiness, fear, etc. But are emotions always that definable? You can feel more than one emotion at once, and you can feel a sort of blending of different emotions that seems unfitting to a boundary. Those that argue against emotions being strictly an affect of our mental state will usually fantasize the notion of a separate being, or a soul. They will argue that since feelings are so inexplicable, and indescribable, that there must be some sort of higher power or being within our very own selves that controls these things. And most people believe in the idea of a soul, or something separate from their brains, usually using the heart as a metaphor, or a source for this “soul”. But what I find interesting, is that the very notion of the “soul” itself was created in our minds. We thought and believed in this idea using our brain.

I find a lot of people, and I used to be one of them, have an issue with making that connection. There’s the religion and science, soul and brain separation there. That somehow our physical state is lesser to our mind’s state, when really it’s all one in the same. In order for our mind to work in it’s fullest and proper form, our physiology has to be working properly, and when it is working properly, our minds excel. It’s a cycle that is connected. The idea of the soul, and our beliefs on that, is a perception. And perceptions are created in the mind. Our entire universe is in our minds.

By that rational, I have to question why our brains would chose to force this separation? Why our brains seemingly split themselves in these halves, constantly battling the other for dominance when they are supposed to be working in perfect unison. Why would our brains let us believe in things like souls, and higher powers, and destiny when our brains know the truth behind these matters. It seems as though there are things we cannot yet be capable of understanding, or that there is something else at play.

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