Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a truth

Longing is the meaning to life. Life is a series of wants, not true goals. We are all governed by longing, and that is why we are never satisfied. Why we never truly make the right choices for ourselves. Why we claim choices are not easy. 
Choices are simple when the outcome is our own happiness. We know what we want, and unless we are stunted or disabled, we know how to get it. We chose unhappiness for the sake of others. Our desire to please other people is only fueled by our desire to appear like a good person. Our image and how we project ourselves to others is our main concern above all things. Even above our own true happiness. 
The only reason selfishness has a stigma about it, or is deemed as taboo, is because every single person IS selfish, so they project it onto everyone else and can recognize it in others. Then it gets out of hand. And in nature, when something gets out of hand, it gets expelled. We try to expel this "problem" of humanity. So we slowly kill ourselves with poisons and pleasures, and strive to better ourselves in ways that go against our natural instincts and desires. 
We don’t allow ourselves to be selfish because that would be the end of it all. There would be no longing, therefore nothing left to life as we know it. If all the worlds problems were solved in our eyes, what would we live for?
The next time you long for something, you can take comfort in knowing that even if you attain it, you’ll never be satisfied. You’ll only long for something else. 
We don’t allow ourselves to be selfish, therefore we don’t allow ourselves to be happy. We allow suffering because we cause it every day in ourselves. Every one sided relationship, every commitment or appointment or burden we keep out of guilt. We are our own impending doom. 

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  1. I couldn't have wrote it better myself. Fantastic!