Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a mechanist

We are machines.

Something I touched on in a previous post. We now have the ability to recreate organs, skin tissue. Print it like paper. Recreate muscle tissue.

If we have already reached the point where we can recreate our own selves, who is to say somebody else didn't already do this in the first place? How are we not, looking at the human body, super androids. And the previous humans of our past not prototypes.

Let's take a look at the human body without the organs, and the muscles....

It's all wiring, isn't it? The blue wire and the red wire. All creating electrical currents in our bodies to power and supply our organs, our separate machines, the brain being the "power house".

What always interested me ... Was the idea that the earth would still flourish if we were not here. Even after being here, if we were to leave, it still would.

In biology, organisms adapt to their environments, and not the other way around. We are the only things that manipulate their environment and altar things for our own benefits. Instead of evolving and developing ourselves, we evolve and develop in our environment.

And, in biology, when an organism puts too much stress on an environment, the environment expels it. We are trying to ....outlive the environment.

So, what always interested me was...If we are not meant to make an impact... Which, I think if you look at all other things we are just in almost every way different ... If we are just meant to quietly come in and out of life...What is the point?

Are all we are merely overly evolved organisms...bacteria. From the prokaryote to the eukaryote over time. And if so, how would our brains have developed to THIS extent... If there was nothing natural there to make that development necessary. Everything else grows into the limits of it's environment. Fish don't outgrow a tank, Dogs brains don't develop more because we teach it more and more tricks over generations.

So, why do ours? Why are we so different, if we aren't mean to be?

Because, as it seems, we are just machines.

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  1. I agree, we are evolved organism, a product that is superior to the rest of life, which in turn... make us arrogant and think we are indestructible.. but in reality we are weak. we will be our own demise unless we as humans come to an understanding.. we are but guardians of the world.