Sunday, January 23, 2011

a thought

What is life?
Life is a series of waits and wants.
Life is a struggle, a puzzle, a gift.
Life is.
More importantly, what is humanity?

We all see jaded, fuzzed. We are blurred, we are dirty.

To transcend the euphoric and exist in a dream. A zen like state of mind. Can dream become reality, and reality a dream? Can we ever learn to just be, without the being causing the breaking and the tearing and the destruction of ourselves?

Humanity is.

I'm split in two. Caught between the primal. The instinctual need. The sex, the cravings, the drives, the will. Caught between the calm, the blank calm. The almost emotionless sense of reasoning, of spirit, of justice.

Humanity is flawed.

Humanity is vain to have believed that, throughout evolution, we were the only creatures to focus on. As though we were the only ones evolving, always on top of the food chain. We always focus on ourselves.

Humanity is selfish. Strong enough to outlive, we ARE the main event!

So, have we always been at the top? Or has there always been something above us evolving? Something faster and stronger. And if so, imagine where these creatures are now, and how advanced they may be.

We care not to imagine the state of something we cannot comprehend. Something we cannot fathom the existence of.

For, as the man is insignificant in evolutionary terms to the ant, so may man be to an unknown.

The insect cares not for the human's state, as we care not to dream up the state of what may be. Something that, like the ant, we cannot comprehend.

This poses a different idea.

Humanity is always evolving, always moving forward. We don't fix issues from the past, we don't go back. We just invent something newer and better for the future. Always inventing, always evolving. Never going back. The progression of our technology and our understanding is so vast and incredible in comparison to the trends of the past.

Organisms adapt to their environments, but we change the environment and make it adapt to us.  Environments naturally try to expel organisms that disrupt their natural state. The environment starts to fight back, and what will happen with us then? We've survived this long on this Earth, but will there come a time when we are forced to make ourselves adapt to the new environment we are given? Like, for example, all trees being wiped out and humans learning to survive without oxygen. Or oxygen being artificially created until we can ween it off and our lungs develop in a new way. There have been studies done where a lactose intolerant organism is placed in an environment containing strictly lactose, and in a short amount of time, the organism is forced to adapt and able to ingest the lactose.

It gave me an idea. Imagine if humans were forced to evolve, and since things are moving quickly, evolve to the point of becoming separate creatures depending on the region they are from. If you look at humankind, it's all pretty basic. Sure we have different races and cultures, but we more or less eat the same, sleep the time, are made the same. When you look at the animal kingdom, you see variety. There are different species. Different branches of the tree of life. The diets, the ways of life, the looks themselves are completely diverse and distinct. So, what if humankind developed in a similar way? One human kind becomes multiple human kingdoms. We develop into different creatures depending on where we live. For example, people starving in Africa may learn to be able to live without clean water, and thrive off something like mud. People in California may wipe out all of their trees and be the first ones to attempt living without oxygen. Our bodies might change. As the structures of animals bodies are so vast, say like the snake or the cow with more than one stomach, couldn't humans bodies adapt to be different? We would turn into different creatures. Our bodies would contort and change shape depending on what we needed them to do. Obviously, like all evolution, this wouldn't happen overnight.

What if human and animal roles reversed? As we tried harder and harder to thrive in an environment, our primal instincts took over, and our right hemispheres in our brains diminished over time. And as we halt destruction of the earth, animals were able to surpass humans. Animals are now able to thrive and grow without the control and abuse of humankind. What if animals became the ones running the show? George Orwell may not have been far off.

An amusing thought.

Afterall, life is...
Humanity is...
Whatever we decide and whatever we have to make of it.

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