Thursday, January 13, 2011

a copulation, fornication

To paint it up, I'd leave out blue...
My arc-de-ciel, I'd make for you.
With yellow seams all shining through,
Your passion party rent's passed due,
And all your cheques have bounced again,
But I'll just move you in my den,
Where we'll make love, and art, and love,
To show me what you concieve of.
It starts real big, unwinding tall,
But we're built to carry the haul.
Fragments interlocking minds,
In tandem, we'll recite our finds.
A pull, a push, a poke, a tug,
You are my psychedelic drug.
We see in living technicolour,
Blinded to the mean and rigor.
It takes one match, spark up the world,
Ribbons of lovers come unfurled.
And you're my flame, a spark, a spark,
I carry in my lantern heart.

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