Thursday, January 13, 2011

a mess

Sifting sands out through the danger,
Tempt me with your minor, major.
Challange right to escalate,
Forgetting to hesitate.
And tell me of a thing as pure,
Feel for me a note as sure.
Hypnotize labotomy,
Free your mind to listlessly.
Take and I'll follow in suit,
Lifted to a higher route.
More than all, but not enough,
testing just what I'm made of.
And sparkle sweet, and sip the hum,
The underestimating one.
Hold your tounge, all ways, back from
Elaborating my kingdom.
Interpretate, well, how can you?
My thoughts are not yours to pursue.
You think you know, you feel you must,
A tandem in a cosmic lust.
Never you mind, anticipate,
the longing of your real long wait.
Or given up, left at the scene,
Could not tell what you really mean.
To anyone, a spasm thrust,
Results in same results to us.
A jitter, jabber, jibberish,
The point I lost, the point I missed.

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